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Our employees’ engagement and competence make our wind turbines very reliable. We deliver electricity with a production-based availability of between 98 and 99 percent when the wind is blowing.

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Lars Jacobsson

Operation Manager

+46 (0) 70-600 05 53

We constantly invest in new, modern and efficient wind turbines. By the end of 2017 we managed a total power production of 1,200 GWh of wind power, which is equivalent to the amount of energy used in half a million households.

We offer long-term power purchase agreements to businesses and organizations looking for a renewable alternative. Yet, most of the sustainable electricity produced by our wind turbines today is sold on the Nordic electricity market named Nord Pool.

In October 2017, we launched Lyrestad wind farm together with our business partner Ardian Infrastructure Fund. The farm is located south of Mariestad and consists of 22 modern wind turbines. All energy produced by the wind farm is sold to Google following the signing of a long-term power purchase agreement between Google and Lyrestad Vind AB. We’re one of the suppliers that enable Google to increase the supply of renewable energy.

The experience we have of building, developing and operating our own wind turbines has made us a reliable partner for other wind power entrepreneurs. Over a third of our total power production comes from wind turbines operated for other businesses.

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