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The world is trying to slow down the rise in global temperature. Wind power has consequently become an obvious part of the energy mix – just as much on an international level as for individual businesses.

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The reliance on sustainable electricity is increasing and most of the businesses in the US and Europe that are utilizing renewable energy emphasize wind power. Long-term power purchase agreements with wind power operators shows that environmentally conscious businesses can help increase the production of renewable electricity.

Many companies have made considerable progress in switching from fossil fuels to renewable electricity. Thanks to long-term power purchase agreements, more companies are now able to keep their use of electricity 100% renewable.

Cumulative Corportation Renewable Energy Purchased in the United States, Europe, and Mexico - March 2018

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (Google total also includes one 80 MW project in Chile.)

A natural choice for a sustainable profile

The Swedish parliament has decided that all electricity must be renewable by 2040. Due to a lack of profitability, half of the country’s nuclear power reactors will be closed already by 2020 according to a report from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. The decision is opening for major opportunities in the business of wind power.

Wind power will have a growing role in the energy supply for a long time to come. It reduces the impact on the climate, provides clean electricity and leads to an economy that is built on renewable energy to a greater degree.

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