Investor Relations

Investor Relations

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The Company and its shares are connected to the electronic securities system, VPS, with Euroclear Sweden AB as the central clearing house. 

Trading starts for Rabbalshede Kraft with a listing on Alternativa

The Board of Rabbalshede Kraft has in April 2014 decided to start trading in the company’s share on the Alternativa equities market on the Alternativa Listan. On the Alternativa Listan, buyers and sellers can follow share price information and execute regular trading.

Alternativa is a marketplace for trading in unlisted shares and, since 2003, is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Trading periods on the Alternativa Listan will be conducted once a month to create and build liquidity for the share. Each trading period comprises four business days.

It is possible to trade directly with Alternativa or through most banks and brokerage firms.

Buy and sell orders are placed through Alternativa’s website, by e-mail: or by phoning Alternativa directly on: +46 (0)8 673 17 90.

The prices of trades are listed on the Alternativa website, at,, and in the newspaper Dagens Industri on Mondays.

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