Investor Relations

Guidelines for sponsorships

Engaging and supporting regional and local communities in the areas where the company operates wind farms is important to Rabbalshede Kraft.

Rabbalshede Kraft sponsors associations, organizations, events, etc. in the municipalities or adjacent areas to where the company operates wind farms. An appointed steering group has a mandate from the Board of Directors to award sponsorship.

Rabbalshede Kraft focuses on sponsoring activities that match the company’s values, or in other words, are linked to the company’s core operations and which promote realizing the company’s vision, goals and values. Sponsorship should lead to a positive perception of the Rabbalshede Kraft brand and, as a result, to its strengthening. In 2010, Rabbalshede Kraft secured ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 1400 environmental certification. We prioritize sponsorship applicants who can demonstrate environmental awareness in their activities.

All sponsorship activities that include Rabbalshede Kraft must be transparent and stand up to inspection by the media and the public. Moreover, sponsorship partnerships must be governed by an agreement or suchlike.

The aim of sponsorship is to achieve a mutual exchange of value, for example, advertising or other marketing value. By way of counter-performance requirements, Rabbalshede Kraft gains the right to use the recipient’s name to announce the sponsorship, and the recipient must inform its members and related parties of the sponsorship through announcements and on the website if available. Where possible, Rabbalshede Kraft is also entitled to advertise itself with its own banners, etc., at the recipient.

Application and selection

Rabbalshede Kraft awards sponsorship every six months and accepts applications until May 31 and November 30. The applications are compiled and presented to the steering group. The respective sponsorship awards are announced on July 1 and January 1. Applicants are welcome to apply for sponsorship each year, even if they have previously been awarded sponsorship.

Application data

All enquiries and applications regarding sponsorship are to be submitted via

The application should contain the following information;

  1. Association/Organization/Event
  2. Primary activities
  3. Contact person and contact details
  4. A description of your connection to Rabbalshede Kraft and the wind farms in operation.
  5. What the sponsorship will be used for and the date of any event
  6. Counter-performance, in other words, describe how Rabbalshede Kraft will be marketed
  7. Amount of sponsorship applied for or partnership
  8. Please break down the sponsorship into smaller sums and what these will be used for in case the full amount is not awarded
  9. Selection will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines in Rabbalshede Kraft’s sponsorship policy
  10. Evaluation. All partnerships are evaluated each year and followed up based on the established goals.


Sponsorship is awarded from the start of the year in which a wind farm/wind turbine enters commercial operation.

Rabbalshede Kraft has the right to purchase exposure, which is not considered sponsorship, for example advertising at arenas, sports uniforms, programs and the like. Additional sponsorship could arise at events arranged by Rabbalshede Kraft, which will be managed outside of this sponsorship policy

This policy has been adopted by Rabbalshede Kraft’s Board of Directors