Investor Relations

Our main shareholders

Our three largest shareholders include: the industrial company Manor Group; the Canadian asset management firm Greystone Infrastructure; and the property company Ernst Rosén.

Together, they own 76% of Rabbalshede Kraft shares — and their long-term interest in renewable energy in the Nordic countries enables us to act for the long term.

Why did you invest in Rabbalshede Kraft?
Annika Ahl Åkesson is the CFO of Ernst Rosén, which was an early investor in Rabbalshede Kraft in 2007.
- Ernst Rosén’s investment was based on an interest in developing alternative energy sources for a reduced environmental impact, and a strong faith in Rabbalshede Kraft AB’s opportunities in the wind power market. Through ownership, it can also be noted that Ernst Rosén’s share in Rabbalshede Kraft closely corresponds to the need for energy in Ernst Rosén’s property portfolio.

How important is ESG in your investment decision-making process?
Jeff Mouland is Head of Infrastructure at Greystone, which became the second largest owner in February 2017.
- Greystone is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Incorporating these Principles in our investment strategy is important in achieving optimal and predictable investor returns, while maintaining a strong sustainability profile. We support the Scandinavian focus toward greater reliance on renewables and think in many ways the region is at the leading edge of this increasingly global trend. We are pleased to be a part of that journey via Rabbalshede Kraft.

What are your other investments beside Rabbalshede Kraft?
Frederic de Stexhe represents Manor Group, which is our largest owner.
- Manor is a global investor with an energy portfolio centered on Europe comprising: Atalantes Energies with 90 MW of wind operations in France; and CycleEnergy with circa 9 MW electrical and 23 MW thermal from Biomass resources in Austria. All our energy companies create value through development, active ownership and operations. Besides renewable energy, Manor is the lead shareholder in Agrinos and Ecoalf. Agrinos is a worldwide technology leader in biofertilizers and biostimulants offering a sustainable alternative to chemical agriculture.

Manor Group
Ernst Rosén

Manor Group is a family-owned evergreen investor in the field of natural resource efficiency. Its mission is to invest in businesses, teams and people who are driving the change toward more sustainable use of those resources.

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Greystone was founded in 1988, and is a privately owned Canadian institutional asset manager, with CAD 33.6 billion in assets under management (as at December 31, 2017). The Greystone Infrastructure Fund (Global Master) LP (the “Greystone Infrastructure Fund”) invests globally in medium-sized companies with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Ernst Rosén is one of the largest privately owned, real estate companies in the Gothenburg region. The company was founded in 1952 by the builder Ernst Rosén and, today, the fourth generation is active in the company and is building for the future.

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