Investor Relations

Business policy

The business policy was drawn up in 2008 and is revised at least once each year before being adopted by the CEO and Board of Directors. The currently applicable business policy was adopted in February 2017.

The business policy encompasses Rabbalshede Kraft AB and subsidiaries, and addresses guidelines for quality, the environment, safety, ethics and personnel.

Rabbalshede Kraft helps interested parties to convert to renewable energy. The company achieves this by developing, planning and establishing land-based wind farms in the Nordic countries and by assisting other parties with support and services.

The company’s guidelines for operations are summarized in the following points:

  • In its daily operations, Rabbalshede Kraft always performs its work on the basis of a comprehensive approach to ethics, quality, profitability, the environment, relations and safety.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft must be reliable, comply with laws and other requirements governing the company’s operations, adhere to granted permits and agreements, and act in a manner that is perceived as morally correct by the public.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft adopts a foresighted approach and continuously seeks new information about new technology and opportunities for the company’s operations, to thereby best promote electricity from renewable sources becoming a significant part of Sweden’s energy production.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft strives to maintain good relations with the its business partners and works to achieve jointly established goals. To the greatest extent possible, Rabbalshede Kraft chooses suppliers with a similar approach.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft works to reduce environmental impact, minimize consumption of natural resources and prevent contamination.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft maintains a safe working environment and offers a work climate that employees find stimulating and developing.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft prevents and, should it occur, minimizes damage resulting from fire, while safeguarding the company’s operations against interruption.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft continuously improves its operations by setting clear goals for quality, profitability, the environment and safety in order to satisfy the expectations that stakeholders place on the company.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft always strives to deliver the best exchange of renewable energy to customers.

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