Rabbalshede Kraft acquires commissioned wind turbines


Rabbalshede Kraft has, in accordance with the new strategy, acquired three commissioned wind turbines located in Falkenberg, Hjo and Skara.

The turbines are of the model Vestas V90, 2 MW, and was commissioned 2011 and 2012.

"We consider this type of acquisition of low-risk assets as attractive investments. We will continue to look for more similar opportunities as they are a good contribution to our portfolio and business.” Martin Pettersen, Head of Business Development

"Rabbalshede Kraft will be managing the operation of the new wind turbines, we also see opportunities to grow our local service business. With these acquisitions, we further develop our expertise and our geographical area. "Lars Jacobsson, Operational Manager 

For additional information, please contact:
Britta Ersman, Financial and IR Manager
Tel. +46 (0) 525-197 18
E-mail; britta.ersman@rabbalshedekraft.se

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